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havoc in the House

January 19, 2023

I’ve been a fan of the absurd since discovering Ernie Kovacs, Stan Freberg and Mad magazine in the late 50’s. They inspired me to write an article for my junior high school newspaper exposing Santa Claus as a communist. Ernie and Stan are gone, but Mad is still gleefully skewering pomposity, greed and general cluelessness. It will never, however, top (or bottom) the entity currently known as George Santos. Just when I think Santos couldn’t sink any lower, he does.

We already knew that he had boasted on his resume that he ran an animal rescue charity. Now he has been accused by a disabled U.S. Navy veteran of taking $3000 raised through GoFundMe for the veteran’s support dog. Richard Osthoff claims Santos promised the money for surgery for the dog, Sapphire, then reneged. Osthoff had to panhandle to get enough money to have Sapphire euthanized.

Also, a former roommate of Santos says George stole a scarf from him.

It’s just not gonna stop with this guy. Small wonder he idolizes Trump, unless he’s lying about that as well. The two, as avid sociopaths, make no distinction between their delusions and what you and I would consider reality. They simply don’t have the internal checks and balances that most folks do.

And since he does no wrong in his own eyes, he will lose no sleep over wreaking havoc in the House. Most of the blame will fall on the spineless Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who must be hoping for something or someone else to resolve his problem. Too bad Solomon Pena is stuck in jail. A convicted felon and a Trump disciple, Pena ran for a New Mexico state House seat last November and got trounced. When he couldn’t get anyone to look at his phony proof of election fraud, he hired thugs to shoot up the houses of four prominent Democrats. No one was hurt, fortunately.

The Repubs really needs to re-evaluate their vetting process.

  1. January 20, 2023 1:50 pm

    santos (and trump) are what the right has been working towards for 40 years (at least) liars so blatant that people are shocked into nonaction and disbelief.

  2. Judith permalink
    January 20, 2023 5:06 pm

    Where is LBJ when you need him?
    I have just been seeing the history of LBJ on youtube. LBJ wouldn’t have this guy hanging around long. Unfortunately, LBJ lived too long himself.

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