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Georgia back on my mind

January 25, 2023

Fulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis electrified the political world yesterday by saying that she does not want to release the findings of a special grand jury investigating Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2016 election, although “decisions are imminent” on charges. Willis said that she was being “mindful of protecting future defendants’ rights”.

Future defendants. Roll that around your executive functions languidly. CNN Talking Head Norm Eisen (not of the legendary rock band) did, and concluded that “I believe the (special grand jury) report very likely calls for the prosecution of Trump and his co-conspirators.” Eisen is the lead author of a Brookings Institution report released the day before Aging Orange declared his intent to run for President again. That report concluded that Trump could also be vulnerable to charges under anti-racketeering laws.

And kindly note that the plural “defendents” could mean a trove of Trump’s toadies might also be charged. O’ please, Random
Chance! If “defendents” only means two, please let the other one be pre-eminent prick Rudy Guiliani. America’s Mayor, my wrinkled ass. He inadequately protected the 9/11 Ground Zero workers.

But I digress. Trump, as always, obsfucated with his trademark hysteria. He was busy elsewhere. He was asked to speak at the funeral of Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway. A rabid Trump fan famously known as Diamond, she and her sister Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson (Silk) were seen often with Trump at rallies. Trump said he’d never met Silk.

It gets worse. He soothed mourners with his favourite grievances, including the Big Lie. He complained of other nations dumping their prisoners and mentally ill in the U.S. He assured the aggrieved that inflation could be fixed.

It gets worst. Trump actually complained about the length of the service.

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