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four more weeks! four more weeks!

October 5, 2020

In less than a month, Americans will have its biggest voting day in a campaign that has seemed to go on forever and could carry on for weeks after Nov. 3rd. I’m more hopeful than a month ago because every choice Trump makes recently is increasingly desperate and reckless.

His 90-minute shit fit at the first debate served to remind us that there’s no bottom to his shamelessness. All Biden had to do was occasionally object and throw in a “shut up” now and again. If there’s a second debate, Aging Orange will fare even worse because it will be in a town hall format, Biden’s strength.

His hospitalization is a joke. It might gain sympathy for a sympathetic person, but Trump is flat out toxic. I laugh heartily at the photos and video that comes out of Walter Reed Hospital. To put him in the best luster possible, he’s been lit like he’s in a romantic comedy.

His speedy spin outside Reed yesterday put Secret Service personnel in harm’s way for no purpose other than a photo op for the masked POTUS. The hermetically-sealed, bulletproof limo could not have been a better symbol of his detachment from reality. And how can his premature return to the White House go well?

This is the time in the campaign when leads usually narrow. Biden’s lead is widening, including in the crucial swing states. The political website 538 has Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota leaning Democrat, with Iowa, Texas, Georgia and Texas still in play for the Dems.

Biden is now racking in donations while Trump struggles. Trump claims he will personally put up millions. I’ll believe that when I see his health plan in yet a few more weeks.

  1. October 5, 2020 5:41 pm

    Read The Political Garbage Chute’s recap of the debate….

  2. Gordon permalink
    October 5, 2020 6:45 pm

    Thank God he’s out of the hospital. If he was quiet and did nothing for the next 30 days, he might go up in the polls.

  3. John Bizich permalink
    October 6, 2020 6:53 am

    AP-so good to see your words pop up at this time. The last four years, actually five years, have been alternative days of farcical episodes and diminished faith in our democratic republic. So far, the dam is holding but this dude has pushed us to the edge too many times and probably more than we realized. The saddest awareness is how many folks can still justify or even revel in the folly of DJT. Just hoping enough voters in all the vital states have seen the danger we now find ourselves-we need to get back to having that regular old inefficient government we all bitched about from time to time but had truly continued a slightly forward path on the road to a “ more perfect union”. Take care Marine: hoping all is well with you and yours!!

  4. Anonymous permalink
    October 6, 2020 12:22 pm

    Immemorable words of H. L. Mencken (I think?) Never underestimate the vulgarity of the American public. I add: Nor the hypocrisy of its middle classes, those who answer polls with liberal responses for whatever reason, profess a progressive stance to their progressive social circle, and vote Trump in the privacy of the ballot box, mail or booth. They are the small business owners who still think they will benefit from deregulation, the real estate speculators, the ‘developers’, the closet ‘right to lifers’, homophobes, the unreformed ‘behavior problems’ who adore his early adolescent defiant schoolroom showoff tactics, many moronic ‘day traders’ who actually think they can outsmart the the Wall Street scam (bless their hearts), and one could rave on. I despair and I pray, fer chrise- sake, day by day….

  5. Anonymous permalink
    October 6, 2020 12:29 pm

    There is a documentary available on UTube: “Braver Angels” It is sponsored by a Family Values organization, but, one can pray, the good kind…. It was called “Better Angels” in obvious homage to Honest Abe, but Ken Burns (I think?) sued for copyright (?! Fake news?) infringement, forcing the name change, a “What was he thinking?” moment. It is a somewhat maudlin, tho hopefully effective attempt to effect understanding and growth between the ‘blue’ and the ‘red’. Good luck, all.

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