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rainy, with a ponderous zeitgeist

August 20, 2020

I’m scattered today as our island plays out a bountiful rain scenario with the chance of a cameo appearance by lightning.  We had a small lightning-caused forest fire last month, so the general anxiety of the zeitgeist is more ponderous than usual in the heavy air.

There’s certainly good news to be found, though.  The Democrats have asserted themselves nicely by redefining the creakiest of political practices, the national convention.  Instead of overblown screeds, massive balloon drops and people in silly hats trying to dance to pop standards, the Dems gave us poignant testimonies, mercifully brief speeches and a rousing version of “For What It’s Worth”.

The most official act of a convention — the delegate count — was the most inspired.  Recorded on location, the various states and territories reminded us that the U.S. is, lest we forget, a collection of inherently diverse folks.

Trump will be hard pressed to do better.  Word is he want to do everything bigger than the Dems did because . . . well, because he’s Donald Fucking Trump.  He’s clueless to the mood that this is a time for soberness and reflection.  He’d like it all live, which could blow up in his pancake make-up.  The Dems, with their mix of recorded and live action, had ample glitches switching back and forth.  The Don is famed for being a master showman, as witnessed by “The Apprentice”, but please to remember that he didn’t even make the decision of who to fire.

It’s going to be the weirdest of campaigns.  The Dems have the demographics, hugely boosted by the very smart choice of Kamala Harris.  I don’t think it even matters if she outshines Biden.  Joe has all but said that he’ll be a one-term president serving mainly to bridge the desperately-needed generational change.

Most regrettably, Trump has the advantage of being willing to say anything to get re-elected.  He lies daily about the virus.  His vanity and venality has caused tens of thousands of deaths and he takes no responsibility.

He’ll accept the backing of anyone who pays him the slightest compliment.  He’s even chummy with QAnon supporters and their perverse fantasies of cannibalistic Deep State wonks.  I don’t understand why his approval ratings aren’t in the single digits.  My fear is that America has tens of millions of folks so terrified of fundamental change that they’ll follow a demagogue anywhere.

One cheery note, though: if, after the Electoral College announces Biden the winner and Trump refuses to leave the White House, Nancy Pelosi will have the authority to remove him.

And how about that Steve Bannon?




  1. Judith permalink
    August 20, 2020 6:07 pm

    First of all I consider Biden, Hillary the Obamas more of the same. I am a Bernie person. The Dems including Obama are only running on” anybody but Trump” I don’t hear what the party stands for. What are the new policies? What are their plans? People got it—Trump is no good so what are you going to do Democrats to make things good again?

  2. John Bozich permalink
    August 20, 2020 7:39 pm

    Carry on strong, Marine!! You and James Carville rule on Trump commentary-must be a cosmic connection.

  3. August 21, 2020 5:00 am

    My son asked if I was ready for civil war if Trump loses. I live in Arizona, redneck central. I told him I can hole up in my house if need be… I have water, food and TP so I’m ready!

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