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April 5, 2020

My prime beef with Trump is how he can effortlessly exalt and fuck over the military at the same time.  Exonerate war criminals while shifting badly needed funds to the not-needed-at-all Wall?  No problem.  My boundless anger for him is based on my serving with the Marines in Vietnam, helping sort out the dead and wounded men whose families couldn’t afford bone spurs.  So, since he has declared himself a wartime president, I’m declaring him AWOL.

It continues to confound me that his approval rating is at its highest ever, even though he still hasn’t broken 50%.  How can an upright citizen feel positive about the apocalyptic scenes in New York hospitals as Donnie makes Solomonic (though foolhardy) decisions about ventilator distribution?

Trump’s reason to rapidly reopen America is painfully apparent.  His best, maybe only, chance for re-election is a booming economy, and it just went “BOOM!”  The official GDP rate for the first quarter of the year has yet to be released, but the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has it at 1.3%, down from 2.2% last quarter.  The Bank’s website cautions in red letters that this estimate does not measure much of the Covid-19 impact.

With unemployment soaring, 2020’s second quarter GDP will most likely suck even more.  If that pattern holds through the third quarter, Trump would likely be defeated.  He will keep pouring as much aid as possible into this, even as real Republicans are starting to chafe from his fiscal irresponsibility.

And, like any parasite does with its host, he will move on when he senses that there is nothing left to take.  That’s been his habit his entire adult life.  He’ll walk away to let someone else clean up his mess.  Of course, it will be someone else’s fault.


Anonymous, thank you for alerting  me to “The Joke”.  Please check it out, folks.

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  1. Gordon permalink
    April 28, 2020 11:07 am

    And now today we hear that he was being provided briefing books from Intel as early as December which he refused to read. It seems equivalent to not only refusing to obey orders but refusing to even read orders.

    We are seeing what dismantling the Deep State, which is no more than federal civil servant, does to the country, when the Captain refuses to or is incapable of taking the wheel of the Ship of State.

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