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coupla jokes for ya

April 2, 2020

Now that the long-simmering Covid-19 is officially a pandemic, gears are shifting.  Trump’s disapproval/approval ratings, which had been remarkably durable at 54-42, are at 50-46 today at website 538’s weighted average.  However, they are already leveling off as the augmented glare from the crisis are highlighting Trump’s abysmal response.

W. Bush’s approval was just above water at 52% until 9/11.  His approval ballooned 30 points in four days.  It peaked at 88 a few days later, then dropped steadily as he bungled his response.  JFK was at 58% approval at his death.  LBJ stepped in at 78% approval and was at a steady 74 until he escalated the Vietnam War based on false information.  He left office at 46% approval.

Trump is running out of ways to spin his total unpreparedness for the epidemic.  It’s fair for him to criticize Obama for letting national medical stockpiles run down, but that calls attention to the fact that he’s had 3+ years to restock.  The Obama transition team warned Trump of the chance of a pandemic, and he still says “nobody could have seen it coming”.

I believe Donnie will really drop in the polls when red states slow to shelter see their infection rates skyrocket.  God can protect you just so  much.  He (Trump, not Him) may be realizing just how dire it is.  In his last few updates, he seems sobered by reality.  Even his patented attacks on reporters seem half-hearted.  Unable to convene the rallies that are his life’s blood, he appears drained.  If we could scrape off his orange concealer, we might find him ashen grey.

But that’s not why I called you here.  I’d like to share a really good joke that hopefully you will share with your circle:

A middle-aged couple go to a therapist.

“Our marriage is solid,” the wife says, “but we’ve lost our spark in the bedroom.”

The therapist says, “Take it out of the bedroom.  Sex can happen spontaneously anywhere in the house.  You might be surprised.”

A week later, the couple returns.

“Doc, you were right!” exuded the husband.  “The other night at dinner we both reached for the salt at the same time.  Our hands brushed and sparks flew anew.  We swept everything off the table and went after it like rabid raccoons!”

“Tell me more,” said the therapist.

The wife responded, “We’ve been banned from Burger King.”

  1. redacted permalink
    April 2, 2020 8:34 pm

    it keeps getting stranger and stranger here in the belly of the capitalist beast (aka US&A).

    so far, no one that i know personally has died. that will change before the end of this modern day plague is even near.

    being under house arrest is unpleasant.

    i hope that the virus stears clear of your island.

    here’s a joke for you- Donald Trump.

    love you man.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    April 2, 2020 11:01 pm

    Is the Redacted the second joke? gihs: god i hope so. I am truly unsophisticated about most all cyberspace.
    The first Burger King joke was a lol, Laughing out Loud, or Live on Love,…, both, of course, they’re the only ones I know. I liked ROFL back in the day….
    However, my octogenarian paranoia is of a current knee-jerk variety, so I’ve started to try to cyberchat? in code, until a scifi-nerd boyfriend only 26 yrs my junior explained concept of mega-computers ‘harvesting’ every and all cyber communications that were ever sent over WWW? after WWII, Or maybe since WW I. Or Custer’s Last Stand? Hanta yo. Anyone? Anyone?

  3. Anonymous permalink
    April 2, 2020 11:25 pm

    I heard somewhere that Brandi Carlile/Carlisle’s song “The Joke’s on You” was Obama’s song du jour for quite a while. Sounds true, even if it isn’t, it’s a good tickle for the LGBTQI community.

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