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the anarchic story stump

January 12, 2018

As the Fire and Fury, uh, fury recedes, I thank Michael Wolff for keeping Trump’s finger off the nonexistent nuclear button for nearly a week.  I think we might have gotten an extra few days out of it if Wolff wasn’t such a sleaze.  It doesn’t help that he looks and sounds like Mike Myers’ Doctor Evil.

We have bigger fish for The Donny to lie about, anyway.  Shitholegate, e.g.  I love how it’s “s***hole” on CNN during the day, then “shithole” from Erin Burnett on.  I’m not surprised at the extent of the backlash, but the intensity of it is off the charts.  I’ve never seen so many pundits, including presidential historians, so enraged.  Phil Mudd was apoplectic, proudly declaring himself a shitholer because of his immigrant ancestors.  I don’t think we have the technology to measure the depth of anger here.

But I wanted to start the new year on a more positive note, so here goes.

On the road that connects the 60 or so souls who comprise our community, there is this:

On the left side of the road, there is this:

No one will claim setting it up, and I don’t think anyone cares who did.  It is an anarchic story stump.  Anyone is welcome to add to or rearrange it.

And that includes you.  Here are the characters.  Please tell me a story.



Here’s your opening scene.  Enjoy.

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