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please excuse me, I just brain farted

January 7, 2013

Silly me.  A week after throwing in the towel, I’m using it to clean up the mess I caused

by caving to early-winter doldroms.  Consider it Fiscal Cliff diving.  I forgot that I get

through my least favourite season in baby steps, hopping from event to event with

studied tunnelvision until April reliberates me.


I enjoyed one such event yesterday with Good Neighbour Paul.  We watched the Seattle

Seahawks advance in the NFL playoffs by beating Washington.  Astonishingly, Jude had

better things to do, so it was just us two guys yelling suggestions and criticism at 22 other

guys.  Beer, popcorn and testosterone.  Does it get any better?


Sure it does.  In April.


I truly appreciate your recent comments. They all helped me reverse directi0n. The clincher

had to be the threat of another Good Neighbour, Chris, to visit us more often if I stopped

blogging.  You can’t imagine has much clout this man has on Granite Bay Road.  It extends

all the way to Village Bay Lakes Road.


So as I square things away, I’ll post when I can.  Today’s main distraction is a water system

that has slowed to a trickle.  I’m waiting for Lee to help solve this.  Then I must prepare for

tonight’s national college football championship between Alabama and Notre Dame.  Roll,



There may be a hitch in service because the renewal date on my blog service provider is

in a week, and it hasn’t contacted me yet about paying up.  The level of service I buy does

not really include customer contact.


So until we do meet again, let me leave you with these:





The last one was shot just a few minutes ago.  I’m considering the visit from the crane

a sign of good luck.  There must be some ancient culture which believes that.  And I’ll

take all the positive omens I can get right now.

  1. Inveterate Teacher permalink
    January 8, 2013 12:28 pm

    Welcome back! Briefly…
    Cranes…conceiveably the oldest bird on earth….fossil proof they existed 60 million years ago.

    In Greek/Roman myth…the dance of cranes represents a love of joy and a celebration of life. Considered a bird of Apollo, the SUN god, who heralded in SPRING and LIGHT.

    Throughout all Asia…symbol of happiness and eternal youth. In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean traditions…symbol of longevity and good fortune because of its fabled life span of 1,000 years.

    Existing in 15 species and inhabiting 5 continents, the most majestic is the Japanese Crane which stands 5 feet tall with a wing span of more than 6 feet; white body capped with red crown. Japanese refer to the crane as “the bird of happiness,” and the Chinese refer to it as “heavenly crane,” believing it a symbol of wisdom. Its powerful wings are believed to be able to convey souls up to paradise and carry people to higher levels of spiritual enlightenment. It is a favorite subject for origami, paper-folding, and it’s said that “1,000 folded cranes makes a wish come true.” Also symbolizes a hope for peace.

    So….nice omen! xo, IT P.S. Beautiful colorful sky photo.

  2. January 8, 2013 3:52 pm

    Yay! Nice surprise.

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