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thanks for asking, Al

July 15, 2020

My former classmate, fellow VietVet and cherished antagonist Al has brought up some good points recently, especially that I should check my comments more often.  So let me get up to speed.

Chuck Woolery sent that tweet July 13th.  It has fallen out of discussion already because, you know, surging virus cases and such.

I have now thought about the changing media perceptions of Mount Rushmore over the years.  They echoed or at least recorded the changing public perceptions of racism.  It is still “AN AMAZING AMERICAN ACCOMPLISHMENT”, but it has always been two slave-owning presidents carved out of land taken from Native Americans who consider it sacred.

I don’t know why Obama didn’t address the Aunt Jemima problem during his presidency.  Maybe he was too busy rebuilding the economy and passing the ACA.  And dealing with the onslaught of more pressing racist attacks on him and his family.

Attitudes change.  As minorities make gains elsewhere, their political clout increases and they can call bullshit on more and more discriminations.  George Floyd’s death — more specifically, the video of his death — crystallized the anguish of a nation bleeding from its racist past.  It has to be addressed so the nation can heal.

When you’re dodging the virus and worrying about another shutdown, it’s hard to give much time to a box of pancake batter or the Washington Redskins logo.  But we have to do the littler things to get on to the heavies.

I’m going to go walk the dogs again.  It always helps.  They are joyous beings who care about little but what’s within range of their senses.  I’ll check my comments more often, Al.  You keep me honest and I appreciate that.

And I won’t let Tucker Carlson bother me anymore, although I would like to talk to him when he doesn’t have his writers, one of whom just got fired for racist comments, around.  But I’ll always cherish the look on Tucker’s face when Jon Stewart called him “a dick”.