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November 9, 2022

I was tempted to have the title above in all caps with lots of “w”‘s and exclamation points, but chose to be gracious about the election results. I am, however, still exultant that the U.S. got a grip and moved back toward the center last night. Months of my anxiety melted slowly away as the predicted red wave slowed to a trickle. It was imperfect, of course. The GOP regained the House, but not with the numbers it needed for a mandate. Marjorie Taylor Greene beat Marcus Flowers 2 to 1 in a deep red Georgia district and Lauren Bobert is still neck and neck with Adam Frisch in purplish Colorado.

The most welcome takeaway, though, is that Trump’s influence seems to be waning. Lots of the election deniers he endorsed lost, none of whom have yet demanded a recount. Aging Orange would advise them that hysteria is best served fresh. Ron DeSantis’s shellacking of Charlie Crist likely distracted him. The Florida governour dodged questions about his presidential ambitions during the campaign, but supporters at his victory party were shouting “Two more years!” instead of “Four”. There is much I don’t like about DeSantis, but at least he doesn’t want to establish a monarchy. Trump has already assigned a demeaning nickname to his new rival. That’s a heartening sign.

Now that the mid-terms are nearly done, the January 6th committee will send its findings and recommendations to the DOJ. before it’s dissolved and likely investigated. Likewise, the DOJ is now free to charge Trump and let the shit storm begin. My most sincere hope is that the Republican power structure will feel the shift in the political winds and rediscover bipartisanship.

Your thoughts and feelings?