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all props to Liz Cheney

May 18, 2021

I’m still enjoying Matt Gaetz twisting in the gales of his own bluster, but have been distracted by spring slouching toward the farm and all the projects that implies. I’m also awestruck that the Golden State Warriors actually made the NBA playoffs, that the 49ers may have made the shrewdest move of the NFL draft and that the Giants have a terrific starting rotation and the best record in the National League.

I’m still appreciative of most of Biden’s efforts, and still impressed by how his positivity is magnified by Trump’s intermittent TV guest spots. Confidence trumps betters arrogance. Seeing Aging Orange reminds me how terrible things were a year ago. I felt like I was constantly being sucker punched.

It’s still Trump’s party, to be sure. However, recent events are heartening. The Republican Party lost thousands of members right after the Capitol incursion. I couldn’t find any fresh data on that, but did discover that an April 27th NBC News poll found a drop of GOP support for Trump over party support: 50% in July 2019 to 44% now. Overall, the poll found 21% had a “very positive”opinion of him, down from 33% just after the 2020 election.

Also last month, staffers of the National Republican Congressional Committee reportedly withheld dismal internal polling for Trump in key swing districts at the GOP Retreat. When Liz Cheney called bullshit on that, she was already well out the door.

While Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy grovel, Cheney is the adult in the room. Trump can’t intimidate her. She’s a game changer. Are you sitting comfortably?