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slouching toward normalcy

November 17, 2020

I’m by no means back to my standard curmudgeonliness, but my head is spinning less than it had been this Year of Years. I’m still mentally and spiritually exhausted. Physically, I feel like I just went a round with Ali or tried to tackle Jim Brown.

To highlight the recent global tumult, our island is having a windstorm that has knocked out power and phone lines. I come to you by the grace of living off the grid. I’m choosing to regard the gales as Canadians breathing a massive sigh of relief. Everyone we know here followed the campaign and election closely.

My first takeaway of the election is the most obvious and glorious: Trump lost! Granted he’s done nothing since but bare his bulbous butt to a thankfully unappreciative majority of voters, but what else has he done for the past four years? We can certainly endure it another two months.

My second takeaway is that Biden has a lot of work to do healing the nation. The Democrats’ poor performance in the House election and underperformance in the Senate race suggests that a lot of Republicans were ready to move on from Trumpism but not traditional GOP values.

But I don’t know of any other prominent Dem who could’ve bested Donnie Covidseed. I believe he’ll give Harris a crash course in governance and not seek a second term.

And he’s handling the transition admirably. Every day he talks like a caring, rational adult counters Trump’s one-note whining, reminding Americans that they choose well. Joe’s voice is confident and soothing, Aging Orange’s is like a goat being neutered (I’m imagining).

Granted I’m on a windswept island in British Columbia, but it seems from up here that Trump’s power is already waning. Some GOPers are starting to show some spine, and after the Georgia run-offs, there hopefully will be a measurable decline.

Then again, my head is still spinning.