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may this 4th stick with you

July 5, 2020

I spent July 4th of 1964 driving around Shreveport, Louisiana, wondering what the just-signed Civil Rights Act meant to the nation.  It was highly divisive in the South.  I spent July 4th of 1968 with the Marines in Vietnam, wondering if I would get back to that nation.  I spent this 4th wondering what will be left of the U.S. for the next 4th.

Trump set up the holiday weekend by ordering a fireworks display at Mount Rushmore for his July 3rd speech there.  They had been banned there in 2009 due to pollution and wildfire concerns.  This was no problem for him because he doesn’t acknowledge pollution and he believes wildfires can be controlled by raking forests.

A crowd of 7500 was predicted, but based on the photos and footage I saw, it couldn’t have been a tenth of that.  Whatever the count, it was almost all white and maskless. Spread of the virus may have been somewhat mitigated by the outdoor setting.  Bear in mind, though, that these good citizens were oohing and aahing in a brisk wind.

Trump couldn’t pass up posing for pics that made him look like the fifth head of the monument.  So finally we got some estimation of the size of his voracious ego.

This was the fourth super-spreader event The Don has sponsored recently.  It’s 15 days since the first one he attended in Tulsa, so the already robust spike in new cases should be shooting even straighter up really soon.

And it’s clear, based on what he said at Rushmore and the following evening on the White House lawn, that his re-election campaign will be pure hysteria.  If he believes that protecting Confederate statues is more important to Americans then the virus, the sucky economy and deep-rooted racism, I say “game on”.  He’s past the point of no return.