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six days and a wake-up

January 13, 2021

In my last post, I wrote of a short-time’s calendar most everyone had in ‘nam to count down the days before returning to The World. The last week was the sweetest, of course. I reminded my fellow Marines of my imminent departure with a morning “two days and a wake-up”, or the more traditional “two days and a wake-up, mother fucker”.

We’re all in our last week. I don’t count today because it’s almost over in the Eastern Time Zone. The “wake-up” day will be over at 12:01 p.m. ET. I think we can make it.

What happened last Wednesday is in Pearl Harbour and 9/11 territory. Consequently, there will be top level investigations and questions will be answered. Trump, Rudy, Junior and Lin Wood have some splainin’ to do. I’m particularly curious to find out more about an days-earlier request for back-up that was turned down by the Department of Defense. The DoD’s leader is a Trump lackey.

The genuine GOPers in Congress are starting to edge away from Aging Orange. What’s left are scrotum-sucking sycophants who have gone all in on Trump’s choices. Their odious “boys-will-be-boys” or “I-think-he’s-learned-his-lesson” defenses are whatever is to the right of soullessness.

I hope Trump stays occupied with his pardon plans. It’s unlikely that a self-pardon would hold up, but it fits in beautifully with his overarching belief that he can talk his way out of anything. Even if he and his kids do skate on federal charges, there is still a shitload of state and local legal problems patiently awaiting 12:01 p.m. ET on January 20th.

Deep breaths, everyone. We have to be the mature ones until America again has adult leadership.