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my night with Herschel Walker

December 2, 2022

As the allegations against Herschel Walker continue to pile up, I thought it was my civic (and Progressive) duty to share my brief encounter with him. I was in New Orleans in the early 80’s, so I headed to the French Quarter because it’s what one does when visiting the Crescent City. I was walking down Canal Street about to take a left on Bourbon when I spotted Walker entering a fast food place. I’d like to think it was my beloved Popeye’s Chicken, but I think it was a Burger King.

The University of Georgia football team was in town to play in the Sugar Bowl, which it often did because it was and is an SEC powerhouse. Walker played in it all three years of his truncated college career, scoring in each game.

Anyhoo, I followed him in and grabbed the nearest piece of paper, asking him to sign it for my son Chris. He obliged without a word and continued on with the many other autograph seekers.

He didn’t threaten, hit or impregnate me, but if this in any way contributes to his defeat in next week’s runoff election, I will have done my part. This is a guy who doesn’t believe in evolution because apes aren’t turning into humans.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    December 2, 2022 12:21 pm

    Or humans may be turning into apes—but that may be giving apes a bad rap

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