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how Greene is my country?

May 28, 2021

As Mitch McConnell and minions continue their unconscionable assault on the moorings of U.S. democracy, I look for cracks in the base of their MAGA megabullshit. Last night yielded one. It’s just a crack, mind you, but heartening nonetheless. While Paul Ryan tried to be The Voice of Reason at the Reagan Library by blasting Biden and his leftist agenda of ending a pandemic and replacing toxic water pipes, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene held another America First rally in Dalton, Georgia.

Gaetz may soon face charges of boinking a minor. Greene cannot distinguish trying to control Covid 19 from genocide. They are trying to recapture the thunder of Trump’s campaign hordes. Their tour was warmly received earlier this month at a huge retirement community in Florida. So they tried it again in Greene’s home turf and were again warmly received.

By about 100 people.

It’s just a fissure, I know. But whereas Trump could draw thousands, even tens of thousands, Greene could barely break triple digits amongst her neighbours. It is my fervent hope that the general populace is already tiring of her hysterical hyperbole. In short order, she has called a child with Down’s syndrome a “retard”, called for the execution of leading Democrats, endorsed Pizzagate, claimed a deadly forest fire was caused by a Jewish satellite, said the despicable Sandy Hook shooting was staged, and posted a video of herself taunting a survivor of the also fake Parkland high school massacre.

She has the discipline of a child who just found her parent’s gun, or a teenager who just found her parents’ liquor. Or both. Will she reach the depths of Joe McCarthy or just hang around making the occasional idiotic statement like Louie Gohmert? I hope the latter, because Louie’s not going to be an idiot forever.

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  1. Gordon permalink
    May 30, 2021 4:39 pm

    Sad observation. Poll in the Post yesterday says 25% of Republicans believe in Q Anon. Happy observation: I guess that means 75% do not. We takes our fissures where we can find them.

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