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March 23, 2020

Please allow me to attempt some levity in the clouds of Covid-19.  For the past two years, I have been developing a radio series called “Nuevo Malibu”.  It’s an absurd comedy (unlike Trump’s absurd tragedy) that speculates what life would be like if Aging Orange had accidentally nuked Canada right after his election.

California, Oregon and Washington state immediately secede and form a new nation with British Columbia and Tijuana, Mexico, naming it Nuevo Malibu.  World-weary drifter Clell Landis heads for the new Promised Land, narrowly avoiding an aerial attack by Sarah Palin, whom Trump has appointed as Secretary of the Inferior.

Landis meets proctologist Shay Watt? when a flying Port-a-Potty lands on his foot.  The outhouse, which they name the TURDIS, is a time machine that whisked Dr. Watt? away from Woodstock.  Landis tells her of Trump’s election and bombing of Canada.  They jump into the TURDIS and head back in time to avert Trump.

On their way, they land on the Planet Stephanie, where they meet Mack, a subliminal being who communicates with them through holograms.  Mack knows all and can make anything.  Along with the Narrator, who longs to be a sentient being, the crew ends up in the closet of a 13-year-old Trump, where they more or less make things right.

In the second episode, the crew miniaturizes and searches Trump’s brain for his executive functions: processes like reasoning, problem solving and morality.  They find nothing but some seamy memories of Stormy Daniels.

In the third episode, the crew explores Planet Rom-Com, where the atmosphere sweeps them up in a romantic comedy with tragic results.  In Episodes 4 and 5, they stumble into a turf war at Disneyland between the Walts, characters like Mickey Mouse and Cinderella that Walt produced, and the non-Walts, the more recent additions to the Disney empire, like Darth Vader and the Avengers.

I’m still editing Episode 6, in which the crew checks in on Trump’s Old America and eats at the Caucasian Cafe.  In Episode 7, they play out a mash-up of Casablanca and Blazing Saddles.  In Ep 8, a stunning secret will be revealed about Emily Dickinson.

I’m having a wonderful time recording it with the many talented folks I’ve met through community theatre on the island, then editing it with my friend Dave.  We hope to get back at it when we get the all-clear about the virus.

And all of this is available to you.  Just go to and click on “Talk Shows” at the top of the home page.  Scroll down to the flying Port-a-Potty and click on “Nuevo Malibu”.  Scroll to the bottom of that page to get to Episode 1.  Eps 1 – 4 are already there and Ep 5 will be added this Saturday after being aired with Ep 4 from 8 to 9 p.m. PST.

Please check it out and let me know what you think of it.  I guarantee you’ll get more laughs than you would from a Covid-19 update.



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  1. John Bozich permalink
    March 23, 2020 5:45 pm

    Again you take me back to the old UMHE days of yore-seemed to be a simpler time following troubled years before we met. I shall indulge and provide my best SEK critique. Take care-I thought of you guys up there off the grid when early word if this virus was appearing.


    • March 24, 2020 1:04 pm

      We are taking maximum care, JB, and trust that you are as well. We’ve been stocking up for years, anyway. Being off the grid actually gives us an edge in some ways. I actually feel a bit guilty watching so much of the world suffer. My best to the colonel.

  2. ALBERT permalink
    March 24, 2020 4:10 pm


    • March 26, 2020 11:54 am

      Thanks, AL. You just gave me a plot for an episode of “Nuevo Malibu”: “Empress Dorkbutt on Mars”. I hope you enjoy the series, and I especially hope you and yours are staying safe. At least you don’t have to worry about the Astros embarrassing you right now. And I would never tell you that Covid-19 is a way for gouvernments to get your DNA. Keep your head low, bro.

  3. March 24, 2020 8:32 pm

    Will do. Maybe I’ll listen to your episodes instead of a podcast for my usual bedtime story! -Kate

    • March 26, 2020 11:55 am

      I cannot be held responsible for any weird dreams that may ensue.

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