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did the healing just begin?

January 4, 2019

The most heart-warming sight I’ve seen this holiday season was in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday.  On the Democrats’ side of the aisle: women, people of colour, women of colour and women in colourful outfits laughing and playing with their children.  On the Republicans’ side: glum white men in drab suits.  I took it as a most refreshing sign of the changing times.  And an ominous red flag for the GOP.

Today in the Rose Garden Trump rolled out another inaccurate history and economics lesson as he tried to polish the turd of the shutdown.  Blissfully ignorant of and/or indifferent to easily-checked facts, he managed to whine about being alone in the White House for the holidays without mentioning the actual suffering of 800,000 federal workers affected by his monumental temper tantrum.

At least the dormant rose bushes are well fertilized for spring.  Plus, he was civil to April Ryan and Abby Phillip, two black reporters he had recently insulted.  Let us celebrate these minor miracles if Donnie is seeking salvation in the growing shadow of the Mueller investigation.

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