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a modest observation

September 18, 2015

I readily admit I’m baffled by Donald Trump’s continued success, so I’m going to the GOP’s wheelhouse for a possible explanation: a conspiracy theory.  You read it here first.  Trump is actually Andy Kaufman.

You remember Latka.  His first big national splash was on the premiere of Saturday Night Live in 1974, when his “Foreign Man” character (Latka’s roots) lip-synched one line from the Mighty Mouse theme song.  For the next ten years, Kaufman careened down a unique career path, more performance artist than comedian.  He once read a novel for hours to an audience expecting Latka.  He took 24 buses full of another audience out for milk and cookies.

Kaufman hasn’t been seen in public since his funeral in 1984.  He died of kidney failure caused by lung cancer.  He had talked to friends often about faking his death, so rumours naturally swirled.  His official website states that he died.  Bob Zmuda, a close friend who worked with Kaufman sometimes, has waffled on the issue.  Last year, he and Kaufman’s partner Lynne Margulies wrote a book claiming that Andy is still alive and will resurface soon.

And he has.  His “Trump” character is a logical extension of several of his others: “Vic Ferrari”, Latka’s obnoxious alter ego; “Tony Clifton”, the supremely abrasive lounge singer; and Kaufman’s hyper self, a misogynistic wrestler.  Blend them and you get an insolent child who will say or deny anything for attention.  “Trump” is Kaufman’s crowning achievement, mugging and insulting and taking no blame or prisoners in a performance that can’t be topped for absurdity.

Exceptionally well played, Andy.  It’s great to have you back.


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