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at long last, video

March 6, 2015

I believe I finally have some video of my play that was produced in January.  It’s been provided by Catherine Mary Stewart, sister of John Nursall, who played one of the main characters, U.S. Army Major Malcolm Funktion.  John would like to stress that the video was done as a “fun family foto-op”.  Hence, he appears in virtually all of it.  But since he was in nearly all the scenes anyway, you’ll get a solid sampling of the play.

So, first click on
You may need to enter the password: Quadra TSOM II

That will hopefully hook you up with 37 minutes of the play.  Please let me know if that works for you.  And, if it does, please let me know what you think.

I very much appreciate John’s sister providing this, “A film by Catherine Mary Stewart, all rights reserved 2015”.  The “rights reserved” clause is tongue in cheek.

It’s clear that theatrical expression runs in the family.  Catherine has been acting professionally since 1980.  IMDb lists 63 credits for her, starting with the cult film The Apple, a rock musical.  She went on to extensive appearances on TV, creating the role of Kayla Brady on Days of Our Lives.  She also was in the films The Last Starfighter, Night of the Comet, Dudes, World Gone Wild, The Psychic, Reaper, and the classic Weekend at Bernie’s.  Her newest effort, Hero of the Underworld, is due out this summer.

You can find out more about this versatile lady at IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia or her Facebook page and website

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  1. Inveterate Teacher permalink
    March 12, 2015 11:14 am

    BRAVO! BRAVO! to writer, director(s), cast and crew, and post-production staff. This was delightful! Today was the first chance I’ve had to view it, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Having read the play, I found it easy to follow along and track characters. Probably you’ve mentioned this, but I suspect John (Mal Funktion) is an experienced actor? He was great! Dynamic both verbally and with gestures and body language. I could see him doing a one-man show of some kind. He reminded me of an ex; Dick G., don’t you think, Allen?

    I had a new appreciation of the writing. Raising “quinoa and chickens” would be a good line in any play, even if it didn’t reference your own farming. It made me laugh. The audience appeared to get and appreciate most of the humor too. What a fun way of presenting the play; I would have enjoyed being there in the audience (or in the play).

    Hilde and John’s “44 going on 45” song was a really sweet part. My favorite song/performance was the two women singing the “o di la di…” song. They sounded really good, captured something special I thought. And believe it or not, the “Farewell” song actually found me with a couple of tears in my eyes, even as I was laughing. Amazing that in only 37 minutes, such an energy could be built that one would have an emotional reaction to the end of a (partial) play.

    Technically, FYI, the video froze a couple of times at about the 8:10 mark. But that was short-lived and I had no other problems. I would have liked the songs to be louder/more projected, but of course, had I been there in the room, they probably would have seemed loud enough.

    Thanks to C. Stewart for posting the video, and here’s to more future creations from you and the Heriot Bay community. Delightful!

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