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mosh pit for millionaires

October 29, 2012

Okay.  Bottom of the tenth, Giants up 4 – 3, two out.  San Francisco’s reed-thin

reliever Sergio Romo faces hulking Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera, who is one of

baseball’s most feared sluggers.


Romo, who comes off like a “gee whiz!” kid in interviews, has a scowl that would

intimidate Tony Soprano.  He has just whiffed the previous two batters, as they

waved weakly at his breaking stuff.  He throws all sliders to Cabrera — the first

Triple Crown winner in 67 years — building to a 2 – 2 count.


Everyone watching is certain the next pitch will be another slider.  Romo begs to differ

and splits the plate with a fastball.  As it burns past Cabrera, who can only watch, it

seems to show some late wiggle that perfectly caps the Giants’ magical, mystical tour.


If the San Francisco season had been a movie, people would have rejected it as



Nonetheless, even-tempered Buster Posey tears off his catcher’s mask and embraces

Romo.  The middle of the infield becomes a mosh pit for millionaires as Giants surge to

the mound to exult.


Pitchers Ryan Vogelsong, Jeremy Affeldt and Matt Cain, three of the coolest characters

imaginable under pressure, hug and collide with teammates as smiles split their faces.

Bruce Bochy, the Giants’ preternaturally placid skipper, allows himself to be enveloped

in a group hug of the coaches.

I tell Jude that I’ll never see a playoff run like that again.  “Maybe next year?”, she

idly speculates.


Not likely, but one never knows for certain.  That’s why I’ve been a Giants fan since

the Eisenhower administration.  Had they not made the playoffs, I’d still be ready for

another season next spring.


The same goes for fans of the Cincinnati Reds, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Tigers.

We endure the famines for the rare to occasional feast.


Right now Hurricane Sandy is threatening 20 percent of the U.S. population.  It’s

already done the impossible: drown out the fever pitch of hysteria that is the final

week of a U.S. presidential campaign.


How Sandy and the election play out could be tragic, but not today.  I’m taking a

break to revel in the Giants’ efforts.  Please don’t pinch me.



  1. November 1, 2012 4:58 pm

    Sandy did a number on the East Coast for sure. How about you guys? I hear that she is heading North and is probably in Canada by now. I am happy that you are in your revelery and I will let you languish there. All is fine here. Our Halloween Haunted Trail got rained out… It was sad but we cannot control Mother Nature. However I am in the midst of planning our Thanksgiving Dinner that was just for family and has now turned into family and friends and has now topped 50. I have to sit down tonight and work on my menu list and get serious about it because it is just 16 days away! Have a great evening.

    • November 4, 2012 11:22 am

      We had no problem with Sandy, or even the two huge earthquakes about 500 miles north of us. Too bad about your rainout. I was looking forward to photos and tales of spaghetti guts. Good luck with your big feed. Will we see that on your blog?

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