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yes, we have several of his works

July 9, 2012

I’ve been remiss in keeping you in the loop about recent additions to the farm, other than

the chickens.  Besides the flurry of summer projects Jude and I have going, our friend Lee

has been crafting some fine outdoor structures to beautify our spot of heaven.


    Here he is felling two dying trees that were crowding

the cedar tree shading the outhouse.  He did it in

barter for the firewood and the bark of the white

birch (foreground), which peels off like skin.  He’s

going to make paper from it.







Just off-camera is one of Lee’s works, a picnic shelter.


Lee scored the roof from a huge parrot cage he deconstructed on the south end of the island.

Soon he’ll build a deluxe picnic table for it to shelter.


Also nearby is this arbour.

Lee built it between two clumps of blackberry bushes.  It will be the gateway to our dock.

This is my favourite.  It looks like it grew there.


Elsewhere in the back yard is the kayak rack.

Clean yet elegant lines, and oh, so functional.


Lee did his best work in the blueberry grove with this arbour, built to train grapevines away

from the fence netting.  He added a seat where one can sit and contemplate blueberries — or

whatever else one damn well wishes to contemplate.


Jude and I are delighted with this rustic art.  They immediately blended in with the tenor of

the farm.  Like Lee himself, the place just wouldn’t be the same without them.


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