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June 27, 2011

Summer up here remains coy.  It’s cooler than usual and still raining.  Showers

are predicted all week.  This puts me and Nathan, my stepson/able assistant, in a

 bit of a jam.  We’re getting six laying hens in ten days and our chicken coop is not

quite ready:


Once our project is resumed, I’ll post more pics.  The delay has given me more time

to research what makes hens happy.  I believe I have designed a coop that will make

them produce ostrich-sized eggs.  Ostrich-egg-sized eggs, that is.


In other construction news, the generous portion of poly pipe that our aces neigh-

bours Nina and Chris gave us has proven highly superior to leaky plywood.  It’s

allowing us to keep our micro-hydro going even as the stream level slowly drops.

Thanks again, neighbours.


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