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please say hello to Blondi and Brainie

May 12, 2011

It is a dark and stormy day:

Actually, it is a dark day with sporadic bursts of sunshine.  And that’s my problem.

When the rain is pouring like the perfect storm in “The Perfect Storm”, I have no

qualms about staying inside all day, blogging and reading that overdue library book

about blogging.

When El Sol breaks through, however, I think about building sections for a trough

we’ll need later this year for the micro-hydro system.  I’m doing that in the shed,

but it leaks mightily — another project that’s not even on the first page of  my to-do

list (which doesn’t even include Jude’s to-do list).

So I’m giving the weather the time it takes for me to write this post to decide what

it’s going to do for the rest of the day.  Slinkee just came bounding in like Tigger to

tell me the rain has stopped and we should be playing outside.  I hope she gets her

wish.  I’ll gladly do that before making trough sections.  She misses Roameo.  We

all do.

This month is on pace to be our wettest May since we moved to the farm in ’05.

Our first few years here, it averaged 4″ of rain in this merry, merry month.  Last

year we got about 7″ and we already have that with 19 days to go.  The trees have

been reluctantly leafing and blooming, but the ground is still too cold to plant

much.  This not-quite-winter, not-quite-spring has got folks a tad peevish.

But I have found a constant source of sunshine just two provinces away.  A recent

comment from Blondi Blathers led me to her website, which she co-produces with

her long-time friend Brainie.  They are singularly superb-looking women, radiating

that sophisticated Saskatchewan glow.  See their photo on their “WHO’S RUNNING

THIS PLACE?” page. Brainie embodies a cool, Sophia-Loren-like beauty, while

Blondi has that voluptuous Jayne Mansfield/Marilyn Monroe aura.  She’ll even

show you her twits.

Both these ladies are skilled writers.  Blondi offers a story (click on the “Previous    

Incarnation” page) about a cyber-cafe that serves friendly farmers and ghostly

giants.  It’s for anyone who ever watched people in a rural coffee shop.  I did for

years on the lower plains of Kansas, and she’s spot on with her characters.

Brainie is an accomplished poet and political observer.  A recent post of  hers about

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper rang true to me.  Of all the world leaders,

he’s the one who wants to stay anonymous.

So for quality fiction and fact, check out “stubblejumpers cafe”.  You can also get

recipes pulled from a cloud, a special recipe for fudge, Tarot card readings and

singing services.  The cafe is always open.  Make yourself at home.  You are your

own cashier.  And please tell them that I sent you.  I get a free e-pastry for every

ten referrals.   


  1. May 12, 2011 10:10 pm

    You sweet thing! Thanks so much for your kind words and appreciation. You’re the best.

    • May 13, 2011 8:29 am

      You are most welcome. It was encouraging to find two more beacons of enlightenment on the prairie, along with that Stubblejumpin’ Gal Kate. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go upgrade Harper from a premier to prime minister in that post. I woke up this morning realizing my error.

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