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not the debut I’d hoped for

March 1, 2023

Today is the first day of meteorological spring. By no means did I expect Disneyland weather. I had hoped, however, that last night’s weather forecast would be accurate. I was promised above freezing temps and afternoon rain to mitigate the 30 cm (about a foot) of snow February gave us in a final “fuck you”. We are a smidge above 0 C. (32 F.), but what little precipitation we’ve had has been sparse and scraggly snowflakes.

The outdoor projects I started after a warm spell a few weeks ago now languish under the aforementioned near-foot of the white stuff. There’s no sporting spectacle until March Madness much later this month. The war in Ukraine is in yet another crucial stage. The 118th U.S. Congress is a clown car careening through the Beltway, driven as much by MT Green as Official Chauffer Kevin McCarthy. Fortunately, Northern Exposure is being rerun and tomorrow will air the classic episode where Maggie’s boyfriend is fused with a crashing satellite.

Also, Frasier is being rerun again, so there–

Wait! It’s raining!


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