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August 11, 2014

We’re having a heat wave here.  It topped out at 27 degrees C. (80 F.) yesterday, which qualifies as a scorcher.  In Kansas it would be “a nice day”, and in Louisiana it would be “chilly for this time of year”.  Jude and I gardened until wilting, then came in for mint juleps, settling for water.

The big news here is that our cat Ollie is fully recovered.  He’s out running his routes, unencumbered by bandages, the tube in his esophagus or the dread of syringe feeding.  He’s no longer pissed off at us.  He cuddles with Jude again as we watch TV, then joins us through the night in bed after he’s certain that no mice dared venture onto his turf.  He’s stopped lying on the back of the couch to whack us with his tail, a behaviour both annoying and endearing.

Our dog Slinkee is fine and our 11 chickens as well.  We did lose Hudi, one of our oldtimers, not too long ago.  She got egg bound and several warm-water soakings failed to dissolve the stuck egg.

April 2014 logging, protest, ice pond 044

I thought putting her in a boiling pot might soften the intractable ovum, but it merely scared the shit out of her.  Holding her in the office (like Take-Your-Daughter-To-Work Day) didn’t do it either.

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