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it’s showtime, folks!

January 21, 2014

Last Saturday I met with Lois, one of the kindly souls who tend to the Heriot Bay Inn, Quadra’s living room.  I’ve posted about HBI before, lauding its annual Christmas dinner, which usually draws about five percent of the island’s inhabitants.  To get a fuller idea of HBI’s charm, please check it out at

I will receive no financial considerations for that plug.  Rather, I’m indebted to Lois for green lighting a musical I want to produce there.  If you go to the website and click on “Dine With Us”, you’ll see Herons Restaurant, where the performance will be.  We’re calibrating The Sound of Music to these modern times and Quadra’s quirkiness.  In our version, the Nazis are U.S. corporate types and the nuns are militant vegans.  We’ll have the same tunes, but with updated lyrics.  Therefore, “Edelweiss”, the salute to Austrian nationalism, will become “Idle Wise”, a gentle reminder to save gas.

I’ve thrown in some parodies of songs from Hair to hasten the long-awaited melding of the two 60’s behemoths.  I will apprise you of all significant developments.  Right now I’m trying to find a director.


Let me now switch from comedy to tragedy.  I wanted to apologize to friend-of-the-blog kris.  When I posted about Jin’s death last month, she commented that her family had just had some terrible misfortune also.  Her husband’s transgendered uncle was murdered.  kris, I wasn’t checking comments long enough, and didn’t find yours until after WordPress had closed them for that post.  You have my most heartfelt sympathy.  I can only hope that the death will call more attention to bullying and violence against the LGBT community.  If you’d like to share more about it, you have an understanding audience here.


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