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rainforest report

September 10, 2012

Autumn arrived early here yesterday.  Robust winds whipped up dust and knocked down

tents at Quadra’s Fall Fair, heralding the arrival of some serious rain.  Fortunately, it was

fashionably late.  Most of the events and entertainment wasn’t dampened, nor was the

enthusiasm of the crowd.  It takes a lot to deter folks who live in a rainforest.


Saturday night Jude and I judged the vegetable competition.  I was unsuccessful in my

attempts to bribe my way into the cookie category.  I don’t know if it was intentional

gender bias, but I got to rule on glamour plants such as heirloom tomatoes and summer

squash, whereas she was stuck with the lesser, giggleworthy species like peas and leeks.


For our efforts we received a fine supper with fine co-judges, free admission to the fair,

and a free hotdog or veggie burger (depending on which one of us we were).


It was the second annual fair.  Last year’s was a smashing success in glorious sunshine.

This year’s shone too, featuring beautiful plants . . .

. . . huge plants . . .

. . . and lewd plants.










There were human-related things there as well.


This was my favourite, made from paper-mache:


We also got  five more chickens last weekend.  We’re keeping them isolated from the old girls.

Our shack has two rooms.  As the veterans come and go freely from theirs through the day,

the newbies remain cooped up, as it were, for 72 hours to acclimate and detraumatize.


When I fed them this morning, they were huddled together in a corner away from the door.

One of them, however, has ventured to a nesting box to lay.  Tomorrow afternoon I plan to

move the first five over to the blueberry grove and let the rookies explore their new yard.


Jude and I aren’t sure yet when to mix the different crews, but it should be entertaining.

Two of the new ones are quite large.  Hudi may not be able to intimidate them.  Stay tuned.





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