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Matthew! My man!

June 14, 2012

Last Sunday I watched my beloved Giants lose a home game to the Texas Rangers 5 – 0.

They looked hapless against their 2010 World Series foes, handling the ball sloppily and

mustering up only three hits.


Last night, in a reversal of fortune that makes baseball so much fun to watch, San Francisco

pitcher Matt Cain pitched the first perfect game in the history of  the 129-year-old franchise.

He is only the 22nd MLB player to go 27-up, 27-down in a nine-inning game.  He threw 125

pitches, the most ever in a perfect game, and struck out 14, tying Sandy Koufax for the most

in perfection.


Cain, who once had trouble getting run support from him teammates, cruised from the git.

Melky Cabrera got the game-winning hit on his initial at bat, socking a two-run homer.  The

final score was 10 – 0.


Matt also got a hit and scored on a home run by Gregor Blanco.  That’s the first time a

pitcher has scored during his perfect effort.  Cabrera and Blanco also contributed sen-

sational catches in the outfield.


Two months ago, the Giants signed Cain to a five-year, $112 million contract extension.

If he keeps this up, it will greatly ease the pain of the Barry Zito fiasco.  Congratulations,

Matt.  See you in the All-Star game.




I’ve discovered that the reason the blog now shows many of my posts instead of just the

most recent one is that WordPress, the web host, has introduced “infinite scroll” without

asking or telling me.  That means, unless I figure out a way to disable it, you can go from

my latest post down to my first in one touch, as long as your finger can hold out.


This bothered me until I realized that it doesn’t take any longer to download than one

page only.  Has any one had any trouble with download time?  Please let me know.


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