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Nazi-proof drawers and Spam

April 3, 2011

Last night Jude and I went to the Roadhouse to celebrate Sam’s 40th birthday.  It

was a fine time with a rowdy crowd — our kind of people.  It was so loud that I

thought I heard our friend George talking about “Nazi-proof drawers” with Jude.

He was actually saying “mousy-proof drawers”, but he was competing with Led

Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused”.


You can certainly understand the misunderstanding due to my own confusion,

but it still doesn’t explain why a man of George’s sophistication (he was in the

Navy) would say “mousy”.  Undaunted, we all partied on.  Here’s my proof.

The revelers gather in Sam’s workshop.  The birthday boy is that blur between the

two light-blue-jacketed beauties.  Em is in the house cooking pizzas.  Their dog Arlo,

famed for facing down a cougar, maintains his central position at the bottom of the



Jude being endearing.  She said I could use this shot only if I hastily added that the

wrinkle under her nose is caused by her exaggerated smile.


Mowat hones his catching skills by chasing a chicken, assisted by Pharoah.


West, the newest member of the community, and his lovely mother Carolyn.


The bonfire.


With his pursuit of poultry postponed due to darkness, Mowat updates us on his

blood blister.  Juliet shows off her uninjured finger.


Maese wards off the darkness by trying to stick her finger up Jude’s nose.  I couldn’t

follow her reasoning.



Tidbits of information are still trickling in about the Whizbang Chicken Plucker.

I discovered that Kent Tomlinson, co-inventor of the tub chicken plucker, also

invented the machine that makes Spam (the meat).  Without Kent, we might never

have had the SpamMobile, the Hormel Girls or Spam Jam.


I don’t have a verifying source on this,  regrettably.  My notes are muddled, much

like my mind on this post-party morning.  But it is the weekend, and it’s only Spam.

Someone was going to come up with it.





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