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eyes east!

February 11, 2011

I’m just about out the door to attend a garden seed exchange at a

neighbour’s house.  I’ll have a full report tomorrow.  Today please

let’s all watch the people of Egypt rejoice in the success of their

phenomenal efforts to oust Mubarek.  It wasn’t bloodless, more

than 300 died; but a major confrontation with the military that

many dreaded didn’t happen.


Right now CNN is panning across the tens of thousands of jubilant

citizens in downtown Cairo.  There’s no commentary, the celebrants

are being allowed to speak and shout for themselves — something

they haven’t been allowed to do for 30 years.  Egypt has a very young

population, average age 24.  Most of them have known nothing but

Mubarek’s oppression.


This is a great day for Egypt and for all of us.  No matter what perils

follow as this ancient culture redefines itself, the effects will be felt

throughout the world throughout the rest of all our lives.



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