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the star of the show, act I

January 20, 2011

You’ve met the supporting cast.  It’s time to meet the star of the show,

our farm.  Here’s the front yard this morning, during a snowfall.


Here’s the back yard.


The east side yard.


And the quite steep west side yard.


This is the creek that supplies us with our micro-hydro and domestic water.


Slinkee at the mouth of the creek, Whazza Point.


We bought the farm in August 2005 for $275,000 CDN, about $315,000 US.

It has 38 acres, most of which you see in the photos.  In addition to the creek

shown, it has two other inlet creeks, a connecting creek between the two ponds,

an outlet creek and several seasonal streams.  We are in dispute witha persistent

beaver over water rights to the outlet creek.  I’ll cover that controversy soon.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to the out buildings.  Don’t touch that mouse.


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